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Therapeutic horsemanship has many benefits, improving mental and physical wellbeing in a number of ways.
It can help anyone.
We cover a range of activities with the horses. Our aim is for participants to enjoy building a trusting partnership with the horse while learning new skills.
Here are some of the ways this is achieved:-
  • Learning how to take care of a horse, including grooming, feeding, mucking out and care of their fields
  • Finding out how horses communicate, through body language and energy
  • Bonding with the horse through grooming and groundwork.
  • Different ways of interacting with the horse, including leading, long reining and free interaction
  • Learning about horse behaviour by watching the herd in the fields.
Giving a practical and relaxed approach, with an emphasis on a trusting partnership between horse and human.
Through horse activities, participants will also learn the importance of taking care of the countryside to maintain a sustainable environment for the horses.